About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine that aims to restore the body to its optimal health.

It is vital for our everyday wellbeing that the body has a mobile and balanced musculoskeletal system. When the bones, joints and muscles are working smoothly and cooperatively, this allows the other body systems ( for example the nervous system, circulation and lymphatics) to function at their best. This is why osteopaths aim to correct poor posture and reccuring muscle weakness.

Osteopathy was developed in the late nineteenth century and has since gained worldwide recognition as a valuable and effective healing system.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is the fastest growing health profession in Australia.

In Australia, osteopaths undertake a five-year university degree to become qualified.

Osteopathic consultations involve talking about your injury, assessing the problematic area, diagnosis and treatment. All of our osteopathic consultations are 30-45 minutes in duration. Your entire consultation is one-on-one with your practitioner.

Osteopathic treatment could involve a combination of;

  • soft tissue massage
  • stretching
  • joint mobilisation and/or manipulation
  • dry needling
  • cupping
  • hot or cold therapy
  • taping
  • postural assessment
  • at-home strengthening and stretching program


Cupping is an ancient therapy aimed at increasing blood circulation, activating the lymphatic system and relaxing muscle tissue.
Cupping involves introducing heat into a glass cup to depressurise it, before immediately placing it onto the skin. This creates a vacuum, and therefore suction, which increases blood flow to the area, and releases toxins that may contribute to pain.
The “bruise” marks that appear after removing the cups are not actual bruises. These ‘discolourations’ or ‘marks’ are a result of increased blood flow, and drawing toxins to the skin surface. These ‘discolourations’ are not painful and resolve within a couple of days.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is form of treatment for chronic pain, tight muscles and myofascial trigger points. It involves the insertion of a fine, sterile needle into a tight band of muscle or myofascial trigger point, and aims at releasing the shortened bands of muscle.


Dr Megan Kenney

Dr Megan Kenney

Megan is the founder and Principal Osteopath at Maroondah Osteopathy & Sportscare.

The Clinic opened in October 2011 and has grown to incorporate a team of osteopaths, a remedial massage therapist and reception staff.

Megan grew up in the Ringwood area. She worked in a few different private practices in both Melbourne and Brisbane over a seven year period. After that time, she decided to start her own clinic, guided by her own values and principles.

Megan is a kind and conscientious person who has had more than 10 years of experience in sporting clubs, aged care facilities and private practice. In the last four years Megan has undertaken further study in core muscle rehabilitation using real-time ultrasound. She is also in the process of obtaining her Pilates Instructor qualification with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She is a qualified “Rock Doc”, after undertaking Rocktaping training. She uses this knowledge on a daily basis.

Megan completed her studies at Victoria University and undertook her Masters research in ankle instability. Megan has always enjoyed working with sporting injuries and rehabilitation, and her special interests now extend chronic lower back pain. Her emphasis is not only on core stability but on whole body health and strength to restoring function to the lower back and prevent re-occurrence of injury.

When Megan is not in the clinic she enjoys exercising, walking her dog “Mr Darcy” and travelling.

Dr Melissa O’Connor

Dr Melissa O’Connor

Melissa joined the team at Maroondah Osteopathy & Sportscare in 2011

Melissa is a friendly and compassionate osteopath who has vast experience treating people of all ages and backgrounds.

Melissa is a busy, constantly on-the-go mum of two very active boys. Her weekends are all but consumed by baseball commitments, and she also finds time to walk the family dog.

Melissa understands and enjoys treating busy mums and new mums. She knows first-hand how pregnancy can place a huge strain on the body, and lead to aches and pains. These include lower back pain, pelvic pain and buttock pain.

Melissa also has a special interest in treating headaches. She finds it very rewarding to improve the daily lives of people who suffer this common and debilitating problem.

Melissa is an experienced osteopath of 18 years; she has worked in both her own private practice, and at the highly-regarded Knox Osteopathic Clinic with Dr Jon Pitcher. Melissa completed a double Bachelor degree at R.M.I.T. University. Melissa is also a qualified “Rock Doc” – having completed a training course with Rocktape. She has also completed further study in tendon injuries.

These days Melissa works part-time allowing – her to balance her work and family life.

Overall, Melissa believes in encouraging and educating her patients about how to take an active role in maintaining their own health, and seeing her patients live happier and healthier lives.

Dr Jessica Chooi

Dr Jessica Chooi

Jessica joined the team at Maroondah Osteopathy & Sportscare at the beginning of 2012.

Jessica is a bubbly, caring osteopath who always has a smile on her face. She has a number of years’ of experience, including working with the Melbourne High Old Boys Football Club.

Jessica enjoys treating a range of sporting injuries, including providing rehabilitation and prevention strategies.

She graduated from Victoria University in 2011- completing her Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Osteopathy. Since then Jessica has undertaken further studies in Rocktaping, tendon injuries, dry needling and cupping.

The sacroiliac area (at the base of the spine) is also an area of interest for Jessica. In 2010/2011 Jessica’s Masters study involved investigating why osteopaths would examine the sacroiliac joint, and how they would treat it. Jessica learnt a lot from completing her Masters. And importantly, she discovered that all the osteopaths in the study emphasised the need to adapt examination and treatment to the needs of each individual patient. This is now Jessica’s everyday working philosophy – treat each person as an individual.

Jessica is also our foodie – she likes to cook lots of yummy cakes and treats for us. She also enjoys eating out and giving us a review on where she has been, and what she has eaten!

 Michelle Young

Dr Michelle Young

Michelle is a positive and friendly osteopath who has had a number of years of clinical experience. Michelle has a strong interest in sport, exercise and rehabilitation.

Since a young age, she has participated in a variety of sports, and is currently competing in sprint events in the Victorian Athletic League. She is also a former representative netball player – having played for many years with Victorian Churches Ariels representative teams.

Michelle enjoys treating and rehabilitating a wide range of sporting and postural injuries. She has gained significant experience in the immediate and long-term treatment of sporting injuries through her work as a sports trainer at the Knox and Norwood Football Clubs. Michelle uses both her knowledge and personal injury experience to assist and encourage patients with their specific rehabilitation and management plans. Michelle understands the physical and psychological implications an injury can have and encourages patients to be active participants in their own recovery and injury prevention.

Michelle graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters in Osteopathy. Prior to osteopathy, Michelle successfully completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the Australian Catholic University. She has also completed further study in dry needling and myofascial cupping and is currently studying to become a DMA accredited clinical pilates instructor.

When not working, Michelle-an exercise and sport enthusiast – enjoys running with her whippet “Roxy”, training at the athletics track and the gym, and snowboarding during the winter months.



Dr Ally Key

Ally is a caring and friendly Osteopath who enjoys the diversity that the health industry brings. She was drawn to Osteopathy as a profession due to its holistic approach to health and well being.

Ally has grown up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, working as a swimming teacher and massage therapist while completing her studies at Victoria University.She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters in Osteopathy. Ally is continually aiming to improve her knowledge and skills as an Osteopath and has undertaken further study in dry needling and tendon injuries. She has also recently participated in a biodynamic course, a more gentle form of Osteopathy.

Ally is competant at treating a wide range of injuries and complaints. During her time working as an Osteopath she has gained considerable experience in treating different demographics with various problems and she enjoys encouraging people to improve all aspects of their health.

Outside of work you will find Ally on the netball court or at the gym, maintaining an active lifestyle.


Dr Adriana Moore

Adriana joined the team at Maroondah Osteopathy & Sportscare in 2015 behind the desk as a receptionist.  She now joins us as an Osteopath after completing a double degree Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT.

Prior to this Adriana has competed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in rehabilitation and counseling at La Trobe University.
She is also adding to her growing repertoire after recently completing Level 1 dry needling & myofascial cupping as well as attending seminars on manipulative techniques and patient management.

Adriana has been treating at the RMIT student clinic for over a year now where she has experienced a wide range of both acute injuries & chronic conditions. She enjoys treating the patient as a whole and taking into account their lifestyle, work and overall health.

Outside of work Adriana loves to keep fit and healthy walking her dog Chase and going to the gym.

Dr Rebecca Naylor

Rebecca or Bec as she prefers, is a friendly and caring Osteopath who recently joined the team at Maroondah in 2018.

Bec comes from a sporting background having played netball in the Victorian Netball League (VNL), club softball and danced recreationally for 10 years.

Bec has a strong interest in finding and working towards the patient’s goals and likes to work collaboratively with the patient and other healthcare professionals to achieve these goals. Bec has had experience working at the Knox Football Club in the EFL for four years, where she has come across many sporting injuries.

Bec completed he Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University where she researched why healthcare professionals prescribe Lectric Soda in practice. This stemmed from a personal interest of being prescribed it herself. She has completed her level one dry needling and myofascial cupping course.

In her spare time, Bec likes to play with her two border collies, Diesel and Brandy and has travelled to Hong Kong in the past to see her Sister and her family, especially her little nephew

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